ACFN lawyers make impacting statements at Jackpine Mine constitutional hearings

I am sitting in a room in Fort McMurray listening to our lawyers argue about the need to protect our constitutionally protected rights to fish, hunt, and trap – rights that are being threatened by the expansion of the tar sands and specifically the Shell Jackpine Mine. We have been here before – in courtrooms, government offices, and the boardroom of Shell Canada – trying to protect our traditional way of life and the spirit of our community. But this time it is different because we are not alone. Today over 50 conservation and social justice groups along with many First Nations have come out in support of our efforts. Over 50,000 people have voiced their opposition to the Shell mine and as I write this there is a bus full of supporters making their way from Edmonton to join us. Facebook is littered with postings expressing support for the ACFN. We are honoured.

The oil companies have more money then we can ever dream of. They can out spend us at every turn, make more ads, and pay more experts. But we have the passion of our people, our culture, our Treaty, the Canadian Constitution, and the truth on our side. And with the outpouring of support that is coming in from all corners of Canada and the US, we will confront Big Oil and protect our land and our rights. We are not alone.

Mahsi Cho


One thought on “ACFN lawyers make impacting statements at Jackpine Mine constitutional hearings

  1. I am an Alberta girl living in Victoria BC. Yesterday, I stood with thousands of others at the BC Legislature to protect the BC coast and the lands in between, to protest the Enbridge Northern Gateway Pipeline, Tankers And the Kinder Morgan pipeline but my feeling has always been that this needs to get shut down at its source. We need to shut down the Tars Sands development completely. There are thousands of us all over Canada holding their breath as we wait for a decision on the Jackpine Mine constitutional hearings. Although we can’t be there in body, we are there with the Athabasca Chipewyan First Nations people in spirit and we will not rest until Tar Sands are shut down and the, the traditional lands are protected for all the Dene, Cree and Metis communities. Stopping Shell’s expansion of Jackpine Mine will be the beginning of a huge change. We are honoured to be standing beside you in this grand historical fight! Thank you for your courage.

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