Chief Adam responds to Obama State department EIS on Keystone XL Pipeline

March 1, 2013 Fort McMurray, AB – Today the Obama State Department released the Draft Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement on the proposed Keystone XL Pipeline.  Chief Allan Adam of the Athabasca Chipewyan First Nation (ACFN) provided the following comments:

“We cannot stress our extreme disappointment with this report.  The fact that the Keystone XL pipeline is deemed as non-consequential and not connected to the unabated expansion of Tar Sands is simply not true.

Without adequate roadways to markets the tar sands would be locked in the ground. Industry simply cannot expand without pipelines.  Expansion of the tar sands in my peoples homelands means a death sentence for our way for life, destruction of eco-systems vital to the continuation of our inherent treaty rights and massive contributions to catastrophic global climate change, a fate we all share.

The ACFN will not let this report stop us from continuing to challenge Shell Oil’s proposed Tar Sands expansion projects in Alberta and any affiliated pipelines that would carry raw bitumen to refiners and tankers across Turtle Island.

ACFN is currently looking to options to submit comments regarding our substantive concerns.  We hope that you all echo our struggle against expansion by continuing your fight against the Keystone XL pipeline.”


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